At Brooklyn Fine Guitars, we understand that you may be skeptical to purchase anything but a "brand new" guitar, but rest assured. We have sold over 350 guitars out of our prior Smith Street location to many satisfied customers.  And again, our great selection of Yamaha guitars are warranted through the manufacturer, so if you have any concern about one of our refurbished (but not used) guitars, Yamaha is a great place to start.

We have an excellent relationship with our supplier. Upon arrival, each guitar receives a thorough inspection. Most new arrivals are ready-to-play right out of the box. Occasionally we will adjust a truss rod, or change the strings, or do some light fretwork for improved playability so that every instrument we sell is worthy of purchase. However, we do not perform larger repairs nor adjustments because there is no need! Our supplier has already done this work to a high standard.  

We start with a 7 day "no questions asked" return policy.  A full refund, within 14 days of purchase, is available should you experience any issues with one of our guitars, provided we are able to verify them in the shop.  After this two week return period, the guitars are warrantied for 6 months, provided they have received proper care and have not been obviously abused, nor neglected (please see our maintenance page for tips on this).

After the two week period, if you are not happy with the performance of the guitar, for any reason, we will gladly replace the instrument with the same model or one of equal value, if we do not have an exact replacement. While we do not have a full time guitar technician in the shop, we do work closely with several local repair shops. These reputable businesses can ably handle any problem you may encounter, if it is beyond our scope. Please feel free to inquire about any concerns you have in any way; you can always count on an honest response.

If you look closely, you will notice that a separate serial number is assigned to each guitar, after the removal of the original from the manufacturer.  This is required from the guitar maker, upon the sale to the intermediary and then to the customer. A gentle stamp of "used" is marked into the back of the headstock, per manufacturer requirement, to mark the difference between these guitars and manufacturer-direct "brand new" guitars. In our opinion, this is somewhat misleading as these guitars are also new; they have never been owned by any other consumer. They are marked "used" per direction of the maker and re-seller. So although the guitar is marked "used," we sell it in new condition. We feel it is important to point out these details, and to be a fully transparent in our mission to bring fine guitars (and great deals) to Brooklyn.