We sell new acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, and ukuleles.  We do not sell a lot of accessories but do carry guitar strings by Martin, Ernie Ball and a few other makes, Guild straps, tuners, picks and capos, DeArmond sound hole pick ups and Yamaha amplifiers.  Our store is different than most other local guitar retailers, and almost the exact opposite of the nearby corporate giant Guitar Center.  We run a quaint, small shop on one of the few quieter streets in Brooklyn, but only a block away from busy Smith Street, where we were open for five years from late 2011 to mid 2016.  We began selling guitars there in 2013.  In our Hoyt Street shop we stock several shapes, sizes and price points of brand new stringed instruments made by the highly respected companies Guild, Cordoba, and Yamaha. We also carry new banjos from the USA-based and highly esteemed Deering Banjo Company.  And we keep a small- to medium-scale set-up and repair bench in the back of the shop. Please keep reading for more information!



It is our pleasure to be an official Guild dealer, keeping the New York City tradition alive with a company that started here in 1952. Guild is a company rich with musical history and a lineage of quality. Jazz greats Johnny Smith and John Abercrombie played Guilds. Blues icons Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy played Guild. Guitarist and songwriter Richie Havens kicked off Woodstock with a Guild D40. The Guild 12 string models have been renowned since their first run of production and legend Jimi Hendrix purchased one from the iconic Manny’s Music here in New York City in 1970. Tom Petty, Slash, Cheryl Crow and Saint Vincent are a few more notable guitarists linked with Guild. The pedigree is there, come and hear the guitars! We stock the Westerly collection arch backs, the all solid mahogany 120 line, a few American- made D40s and select electrics from their Jetstar, Polara, Thunderbird, Starfire lines, as well as the stunning T50 Slim arch top. The Westerly collection of arch backs—featuring a matte-finish mahogany back and sides with a solid spruce top—are surprisingly affordable at only $399.00, matching case included.

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There is perhaps no better company known for consistency and quality than Yamaha.  We are proud to carry many of their fabulous guitars in the shop, with access to their entire catalogue.  From an affordable starter (from $199.99 for a solid spruce-topped FG800) to a hand-crafted all solid-wood dreadnought with a passive pick-up (LL16M), we have a Yamaha guitar at just about every price point.  We also stock three models of their 1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars for younger ones looking to start playing.  And Yamaha backs up every single guitar they make with a lifetime warranty on the top, back, sides and neck, and a one-year warranty on everything else (except strings).  So you get a great guitar at a great price for the quality, and you can start playing knowing that you've made a solid investment.  We've got Yamaha classicals, steel string acoustics, acoustic-electrics, electric guitar packages with amplifier, and stand alone amplifiers.  In our opinion, you simply can't go wrong with any Yamaha guitar.  


Guitars & Ukes…Cordoba!

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The newest arrivals to our shop come from the Cordoba Guitar Company, which is a relative newcomer on the guitar making scene at just over 20 years old. They recall the late 19th century tradition of Spanish luthiers, and combine with modern technology and innovation in their efforts to advance and perfect a modern nylon string guitar. We stock the popular Iberia series with plans to expand into their esteemed Masters series, which honors five master luthiers in the history of the business. We also have a wide selection of their beautiful ukuleles. The rich tradition of classical and nylon stringed guitars is carried and advanced proudly by Cordoba here at Brooklyn Fine Guitars.


The biggest opportunities that we can offer a perspective guitar buyer are savings and value.  Because the guitars are purchased from big name manufacturers in quantity, savings are initially passed on to us, then we pass on to you.  Depending on the make, model and initial price, savings from 8 to 35 percent can be found on most guitars in our shop. Our guitars are an excellent way to get a high quality instrument at a noticeably lower price than commonly found around town, or even online.  And especially with the higher-end guitars, these savings can be real money!



Brand Recognition

Quality and reputation are important to us.  We value brand recognition, and certainly there are numerous quality oriented-guitar companies around the world these days.  Because we strive to keep quality high, we choose to carry certain makes over others.  We have learned a lot about various makes and models from our experience on Smith Street, and now focus on keeping the store flush with our "core four” brands:  Yamaha, Guild, Epiphone and Cordoba.  Of course, the Guild and Yamaha guitars are directly supplied from the maker as we are officially a Guild and Yamaha dealer. At least a few guitars made by the four other quality makes listed above are almost always in the shop as well. There are also some other respected makes that you will find with us, notably Gretsch, Fender/Squier, Takamine, Washburn, Alvarez, The Loar and occasionally a few others.  Because we are not a direct dealer from any single maker other than Yamaha and Guild, we are subject to availability and unfortunately cannot order any specific make, model or quantity of a non-Yamaha made guitar on demand.  However, please inquire if you don't see something that you like; perhaps we will be able to get it or at least offer a similar alternative.

Banjos, Ukuleles, Mandolins, Amplifiers, Strings, Cases and more...

We don't stop at guitars!  We are extremely proud to be carrying a fine selection of the USA-manufactured Deering Banjo Company.  Their starter open back banjo (Goodtime) sells for less than $500--an absolutely amazing deal for an instrument made in the states!  Check the six models we regularly stock here.  We generally carry about 4 to 6 different models of Cordoba and Gretsch ukuleles, and usually a mandolin or two.  We carry Martin 80/20 acoustic in the most popular gauges, as well as Augustine and Ernesto Palla classical strings.  We also have several sizes of Ernie Ball electric strings.  (We sometimes have some other makes as well; feel free to inquire.)  Guild supplies with a nice selection of straps, tuners, picks and capos. We also have three kinds of cases for all different sizes of guitars--hard shell for the best protection, Yamaha's very popular form-fitting soft cases and standard light-weight gig bags.  We love the Yamaha THR5 and THR10 amplifiers, which pack a sizable punch in an attractively small package.  And we carry the Yamaha Axe Pack, which compliments any guitar with a stand, strap, picks, clip-on tuner, cloth and string winder.  In terms of guitar services, we offer the basics.  Restringing, set-up and basic repairs can be usually be done in the shop in a day or two turnaround, although we are meticulous and don't generally guarantee anything quickly; we do it properly and thoroughly instead.  Please read more about our guitar services here.